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Products to sell on eBay - Make a $1,000-$4,000 profit every month on eBay!  (Updated Spring 2012)

Learn how to buy brand new computers, electronics, and clothing from well known companies and resell them on eBAY for HUGE PROFITS- WITHOUT using wholesale lists or drop shipping companies.

After popular demand from friends and family, I am now selling my personal eBay profit system which I have used to make over $30,000 and become an eBay PowerSeller


To see a sample of some recent products to sell on eBay, click here.

Our service is perfect for:

  • Anyone looking to earn money from home.
  • Full time working professionals who need extra spending money.
  • Students who are too busy for a part-time job.
  • eBay sellers who have the desire to make more money online.

You will receive a complete video guide showing you step-by step how to find brand new products to sell on ebay which you can buy at some of your favorite stores (online or locally).  Take a look at my recent paypal statement:

ebay products

(names removed for confidentiality)

How it works:

1.  Review my secret websites often to check for new products offered at discounted prices.

2.  Find if you can resell anything on eBay for a profit (I'll show you how).

3.  Buy the brand new items from local or online stores such as:

dell   staples  amazon

4. Sell the products on eBay and collect your profits.

Listen to a quick audio clip "How it Works"

Its really that simple!

The amount you make depends on how much you work.  I only work 4-10 hours per week.

30 day eBay screenshot

ebay sellers


With over 168 Million eBayers and growing .....

ebay equal    productstosellonebay

And you can get started RIGHT NOW.  
You will receive my video guide immediately after you purchase.

Buy Now for only $79.00 $19.75 (first 25 members only)



Money Back Guarantee: 
Full refunds are available if this product is defective or does not work as advertised.  

After just one eBay sale you will make back the price of this guide.



Order today and receive the essential "eBay Tricks" guide as a free bonus.
Learn 5 Sure Fire ways to increase bids on your items and raise your sales prices.
(Previously sold for $49.95 now its yours FREE with purchase).


Also receive the famous "eBay Auction Template" with video guide.
I will show you how to quickly and easily create professional looking auctions
in only minutes using free software.  
(Never sold to the public until now).


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