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What am I buying?
You are buying a video guide.  Specifically, I will send you a video guide that shows you how to use two free websites which I check on a regular basis that list very discounted prices for items which can be sold on eBAY for a profit. 


How can I use these web sites to make money on eBAY?
These web sites will tell you about secret sales and secret coupons which you can use at some of your favorite stores.  They will also tell you about hot deals on all types of products that very few people know about.  Simply check these web sites daily, find a product that you like, verify that you can resell it on eBAY for a profit, and purchase it using the instructions found on the web site.

Here is a typical example of what I do:
1. Check my secret websites each morning.  About 2-3 times per week I will find a really good deal on an item (see examples here).  These items are all found at local stores or online stores.   Lets pretend this one is a printer from Staples that sells for $100 but has a $50 rebate  (your price is then $50)
2.  Buy the printer for $100 from Staples.   Sell it on eBay for anything over $50.  If the item sells for more then $50, send in the rebate and keep the extra money as profit.   If the item does NOT sell for more then $50, return it to Staples and get your money back.
This is a very easy and LOW RISK way to make money on eBay. 

I have been using my system for 5 years and can make an average of $1000-$4000 profit per month on eBay.                                                                                                

Is this legal?
Absolutely.  The stores are happy because you are buying their products and getting them off the shelves and eBay shoppers are happy because they they are getting a good deal.  Its a WIN WIN for everyone.

Are these websites that you use free?  Why am I paying you for this information?
Yes.  The website what I check are free on the internet.  If you already know how to use websites like these to make money on eBay, then please do not buy my guide.

Do you give refunds?
Yes. If you don't make a profit during your first 60 days of using my system. I will refund your money. 

Is there anything else you can recommend to save us time?

Yes, I recommend any serious eBay seller use the following helpful hints:

*If you are selling on eBAY, use an automatic program to generate and track your listings.  This may sound intimidating at first, but after a few hours of playing around with it, you will save yourself lots of time in the long run. We recommend eBay’s Turbo Lister available here:  http://pages.ebay.com/turbo_lister/index.html?ssPageName=STRK:SRVC:010 

*Get organized!  It is very important that you keep track of what items you have purchased, any rebates involved, and the selling price which you sold it for.  A simple EXCEL spreadsheet or customized ACCESS database can easily be created to do this. 

*You must find an easy and convenient method to ship each item you sell.  We recommend setting up a FedEx account online at: http://www.fedex.com/us/gettingstarted/express  Using your personal FedEx account, you can ship all your items from home (the driver will pick them up for free) and it actually costs less then going to the post office.  I have found Fedex to be cheaper then UPS.

Free until December 19 2006:   You can now have your FedEX account linked directly to your eBay account so you can print shipping labels with only a few clicks.  This is very fast and will save you tons of time.   CLICK HERE to download the free program.

What is your contact information?

You may contact us here or by email at info@whattosell.com

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