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Chapter 2 - How to buy on eBAY (and not get ripped off):

Once you have your eBAY account and are comfortable getting around on their massive web site (see Chapter 1), we are now going to learn about buying on eBAY.   Although most eBAY sellers are honest and trustworthy, there are always some basic rules you need to follow before you bid on a item. First and foremost, check their feedback rating (as discussed in the last chapter).  If they have less then a 95% rating, walk away.  There are plenty of other sellers out their probably selling the same exact item who have perfect feedback ratings.  You do not want to risk loosing your money.  Generally, buying on eBAY is just as safe as buying from any other place.  Just make sure you do your homework and look into the sellers feedback.  

Another tip which we mentioned in the last chapter is only looking at auctions that are ending in the near future.  I still don't understand why people bid on items that are ending in 7 days. Do they really check it each day to see how they are doing?  It is probably more likely that they just don't know how to sort the auctions to only view items that are ending soon.  eBAY has even made a button on the top of the screen that says "sort by: ending first"
.   Always use this feature.  Once you have sorted everything to view only recently ending items.  Start reading the descriptions carefully.  Watch out for terms like "refurbished" or "open box".  These are items that people have had problems with and are trying to sell off on eBAY.  Most sellers are honest and upfront about the condition of their products.  If a seller with a positive feedback rating says something is in excellent working condition, chances are it probably is.


Once you have found an item to bid on, scroll down to the very bottom of the screen.  There will be a box that says: "Your Maximum bid  US $ "  This is where you enter in the maximum you want to spend on this item.  The trick is to not hang around after you bid.  Many people do this and end up spending more money then they had originally planned.  Just enter in your max. amount, click "place bid" and wait until the auction ends to see if you won.  eBAY will send you an email if you won the auction.  Just get out of eBAY and wait for that email.  Do NOT wait around to see if you are going to be out bid. You will just end up spending more money.

Buy it Now

Buy it Now is a feature that is currently used on most auctions.  It allows you to buy the product without going through the whole bidding process. Sometimes this can be great if you want your item fast and like the price.  However, you usually will end up spending more money if you use the Buy it now feature instead of letting the auction process carry out.   There are the rare occasions when a new seller will list something for a Buy it Now price which is less then the standard ending price on eBAY.  If you see something like this, that is a great deal and you should buy it.  If you are a seller, this is a big mistake that we will tell you how to avoid in the next chapter.

Paying for your item
Now that you have bid on and hopefully won your item.  You must pay for it.  Each seller will let you know in the auction page their preferred payment methods.  Most will accept; check, money order and/or paypal.  The first two methods are self explanatory.  The seller will give you his address, you will then mail him payment and wait for your product.  The third method, paypal, is probably the most common way to pay for items on eBAY.  Paypal is actually owned by eBAY and allows you to pay for your item instantly with a credit card or instant transfer from your bank account.  It is very easy to use and you can usually just follow the instructions from your winning email that eBAY sends to you in order to get started.  

Your second assignment:
1.  Go to eBAY by Click here for eBay!
2.  Find some very cheap items (under $1) with low or zero shipping costs
3.  Bid on a few of these items or use buy it now.  
This will show you how the buying process works and it will allow you to build up your feedback profile.

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