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Chapter 3 - What and How to Sell on eBAY:

How to sell

If you are a new seller, the best things for you to sell are old items you have laying around the house.  Even if you don't get top dollar for them, it will be a good experience and it will teach you how to use the selling tools on eBAY, plus, it will help build your eBay feedback.

To begin selling, you must first log in to your account (see chapter 1) and then click on the  "sell" button which is found at the top of your screen.  eBAY will then ask you what type of service you would like, choose the first one which is "sell item at an online auction".  Next, you will have to choose the category that you item falls into.  Just follow the simple instructions and you will be able to find the right category.  On the next screen you will start to enter in important information about your item.

Title:  This is the most important thing for you to focus on as a seller.  Since most people will reach your item through a search, make sure that your item  title is spelt correctly that that it is appropriate to your item.

Description: Here is where you can write as much about your item as you think someone who is bidding on it would like to know.  Also make sure to let your buyers know how much it will cost to ship the item and what types of payments you accept.  eBAY provides some simple tools allowing you to change your font.  We recommend you use these tools to make your description clearer, however, you don't want to spend too much time with the formatting.  There are many seller who use expensive programs to list their items and make them look very good.  This is not something you need to worry about at this stage.

Dates an prices:  Now for the fun part.  You will get to choose how long your auction will last for and
how much you are willing to sell it for.  It will also let you set a reserve price.  A reserve price is the price which is the absolutely minimum you are willing to let your item sell for.  You should avoid using this and the buy it now feature until you are comfortable with the selling process.  

Once you are satisfied with all the details of your auction, eBAY will automatically list it for you.  Please note that eBAY charges a small fee to list your auction.  They also charge you another fee when your auction ends.  The seller pays all the fees.  You can monitor your auctions by logging in to your account and clicking on the "My eBAY" button and then the "selling" link.   Once your auction is over, eBAY will send you an email with the winning bidders email address.  It is now up to you to contact that person to find out how and when they will be paying for your item.  Once you receive payment, you should leave positive feedback and ship the item.

What to Sell

The number one question on every sellers mind is "where can I buy good products to sell for a profit on eBAY?"  Unfortunately, there really isn't a good answer to this question.  There are several companies out there that offer wholesale lists and drop shipping services.  Every single one that we researched had products that were already over priced or had products that weren't even selling on eBAY.  

I have used a simple system of buying very cheap and new products from some of my favorite stores (Best Buy, Staples, etc.) and re-selling them on ebay for a nice profit.   To learn more about this system, please go to my homepage.

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